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Nurses provide care that saves lives, restores health, and prevents illness, all while offering comfort and instilling confidence during some of our most challenging moments. For this, nurses have earned the highest recognition – our personal thanks. 

You can say thank you in a special way by providing financial support to a nurse or group of nurses at Allegheny Health Network. Your gift, of any level will provide much needed funds toward a variety of professional needs, including continuing education, specialty certification, and advanced training.


Honor a nurse today through the AHN Nurses are the Greatest program. 

Each honoree will be recognized on your behalf by AHN Chief Nurse Executive, Claire Zangerle and will join a prestigious group of recognized honorees.    

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Allegheny Health Network Nurses Tell Us What Inspired Them to Become a Nurse...

"My first degree is in Exercise Physiology; I was taking care of cardiac rehab patients & saw the great work nurses were doing & said, 'That is what I want to do!' Plus, my aunt was highly influential on my decision, as a nurse herself." - Claire M. Zangerle, MSN, MBA, RN, Chief Nurse Executive

"When I was a teenager, my sister was killed in a horrible car crash. It was at a time when organ donation was new & it all seemed so overwhelming to my very broken family. The compassion of nurses who cared for her & provided support to my family inspired me to become a nurse. They made all the difference in the world to us. They listened, they let us cry, they let us just be together by her side, as a family. I will never forget them." - Joy M. Peters, DNP, RN, MSN, MBA, NEA-BC

"My aspiration to become a nurse was driven by the need for knowledge & skills that I required in order  to care for my daughter that was born with a Spina-Bifida. I wanted to provide her with the best medical care that a mother could give." - Billie Adams RN, NSN, CNOR, CSSM

"My biggest inspiration for becoming a nurse was my dad.  He was a great father & made my childhood very happy & safe. When I was around 10, he had a heart attack; he was only 32 years old. It was very scary for my family, he was off work for 5 weeks & my mom did not work at the time.  Praise the lord he survived & went back to work. At the time, intervention wasn't available.  When he was 42, he had his 2nd heart attack & at 50 he died from cardiac arrest. He left quite a hole in our lives, we miss him very much. I decided to become a nurse after his 2nd heart attack & knew I wanted to help people & especially in the area of cardiology. I have been the team leader on the progressive cardiac care unit at Jefferson for many years. I love my job & the patients we work with every day. I also have had 4 stents & had open heart surgery when I was 49. I guess I truly inherited my dad's heart!" - Denise Freund, BSN, RN-BC

"The gift of helping others. It’s self-gratifying to help others along their journey of life." - Jacqueline Delo, Nursing Manager

"I have always wanted to become a nurse, as long as I can remember. My Aunt is a nurse & I remember as a child saying, 'Wow, I want to be her someday!'" - Pamela Stegman RN, MSN

"I decided to become a nurse when I was in sixth grade. I had appendicitis & emergency appendectomy. I spent a week in Jefferson Hospital. I was very impressed by the nurses & care I received. I thought, 'I want to be someone who cares for people & decided to go into nursing.'" - Laura Beck, RN

"I was inspired to become a nurse after my first memorable experience as a patient at the age of 5 in an emergency department. The nurse assisted the physician while holding my hand & wiping my tears. Her compassion made me feel safe. I was drawn to all of the activity that was happening in the ED & the care that nurses were providing." - Amber Egyud, DNP, RN

"I was inspired to become a nurse from a roommate who had previously worked as an EMT & in nursing school himself. In 2007, I had been out of college for about two years. I had received my BA in psychology & was disappointed when I came out of school without a definite career pathway. My roommate had kept on me about applying for nursing school & I gradually became receptive to the idea. My mother was a nurse & it seemed like it could be an exciting field to explore. I felt that I was a compassionate person & always had an interest in science, so I bought into it!" - Matthew R. Dee, RN

"When I was about 10 years old, I was learning about anatomy & began reciting the names of the bones to my family.  My mom said, 'You should think about being a nurse when you grow up.' It stuck with me." - Sheri Walker MSN, RN-BC, Clinical OB Educator

"When I was little, I admired the nurse caps & the nuns’ habits & I wanted to be able to wear either. Although, now I am very glad that nurses no longer wear caps. What inspired me to turn towards nursing was being able to work with people in a profession where science & compassion could be combined, it deeply appealed to me."  - Jill McCullough-Squire, RN, BSN, OCN, Clinical Manager, Medical Oncology, AHNCI

"Since I was a young girl, I wanted to become a nurse. As the fifth of six children, there was frequent loving sibling rivalry & many challenges. Little did I know, at that time those encounters would strengthen & prepare me for my future career in nursing. I took the role of being an older sister earnestly & often provided care for my younger brother. Our parents were gracious enough to permit us to take care of many different animals, if it wondered into our yard & wasn’t harmful, we pretty much adopted it-again, one more opportunity to foster kindness." - Janet Kovatch-Janovsky, MSN, RN

"My inspiration for becoming a nurse was twofold.  I was in a career that was less than rewarding from a personal perspective. I was a retail manager for a high-end gadget store. There was a focus on customer service but there was also a focus on doing more with less & keeping the same results. During several years of employment with this company, my mother was fighting a raging battle with cancer. She lost the battle & left this world way too young & long before her prime. She was always my strongest advocate, constantly telling me to do something I love and that satisfied me in every way possible. After she died one of my close friends and I were talking about our respective careers.  Neither one of us was satisfied with life at that point. I decided to do something about my career choices and that is when I applied to nursing school..." - Gina Hajduk, RN, MSN

"My inspiration to become a nurse actually came through a friend. I was originally accepted into a dental hygienist program. However, prior to the start of the program, a good friend suggested nursing school. I have always been compassionate & enjoy working with people. After thinking about her suggestion, I applied to nursing school & have never regretted that decision." - Jamie Yaroscak, BSN, RN-BC, Nurse Manager, Pre and Postoperative Services

"My grandmother always wanted to be a nurse; she was always helping others & passed that trait on to me." - Mary Ann Raible, BSN, RN, Magnet Program Director

"My mother. I didn’t know what to do after high school & my mother said 'please be a nurse'. I’m so happy I listened to her. It was not easy & I struggled, but I am a better nurse & person for experiencing those struggles." - Anna Marie Pozycki, BSN, RN, PCCN, Director, Nursing Operations

"My mother & grandmother. My grandmother was a polish immigrant & met my grandfather when she was 14 years old. They had their first child when she was 16 & she was a housewife till the day she died. But she always told me that she wanted to be a nurse & work in surgery. My mother became a nurse because of my grandmother's dream. My mother was one of the first flight nurses for AGH. She retired as a nurse practitioner." - Amy M Fetterolf, MSN, OR Supervisor General Team

"I went to a nursing home as a young girl scout & wanted to help the elderly so much, I took a job in the home as an aide. I loved trying to make others feel important & assist with their care.  I started to talk to my Aunt Rita, who graduated from Mercy School of Nursing. She would tell stories about nursing school, patients & and their care. After, I graduated from nursing school; I met a nurse who worked with my Aunt Rita.  She said my aunt was a tough but excellent nurse. I have strived to be like her every day." - Mary Grace Hensell, Director General Division

"I became a nurse because I wanted to provide for my two children & I knew that nursing is a profession that is always in demand. I knew that the skills I learned to become a nurse would be valuable after I graduated & for many years in the future." - Marcy Lindley, CRNP

"I am told that I always wanted to be a nurse & that is all I can remember wanting to be, since the 2nd grade. When anyone ever asked me why, my answer was and still is 'just because'"- Maria Buchko, MSN, RN

"I have always been a caring person & wanted to be able to contribute something to society. Coming from a family that provided public service (my father was a firefighter & my aunt was a nurse), I felt an innate desire to be a nurse. They were very passionate about their jobs & I felt I too wanted to make a difference in other people’s lives." - Patricia Reiser RN, OCN

"I always wanted to be a nurse & after spending countless hours in the hospital with my mom & grandmother one year, I thought I can do this. Working in a hospital always looked so interesting to me. So that fall, I enrolled in CCAC. After a long road, I got a job in one of the units of the hospital & then over to wound care. I love working in the hospital, but always wanted to do wound care." - Chrissy Kuhn, RN

"What inspired me to be a nurse was to help people on my own terms. I have been in nursing for almost 28 years & have seen many changes, good & bad. I always had this feeling of helping others & caring for them as I would want to be cared for." - Jennifer Rose, RN

"I became a nurse because for me, it was a calling. This is not just a job, I feel called to serve. Knowing the care I give & the knowledge that I have, can make a positive difference in someone else’s life is satisfying for me in a way that feeds my soul." - Jan Tssario, MSN, RN



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