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The West Penn Hospital School of Nursing first opened its doors in September of 1892— with only 15 students.Having high standards and a comprehensive curriculum, the school’s popularity grew. By the end of that first year, the West Penn Hospital School of Nursing received hundreds of applicants.

Today, we are proud to say that the West Penn Hospital School of Nursing continues to have an excellent reputation—because of supporters like YOU! Together, we can provide an environment for knowledge, personal growth and the skills needed to function as exceptional practitioners of nursing.

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About West Penn Hospital School of Nursing...

The need for professional nurses became acute near the turn of the twentieth century. In response, West Penn Hospital (WPH) developed a nursing education program.

Fifteen students were chosen and the West Penn Hospital Training School for Nurses opened on September 1, 1892, with a two-year curriculum. Ten students successfully completed the program and graduated on September 20, 1894. Because of its high standards and comprehensive
curriculum, the School’s popularity grew quickly. By the end of its first year, the School had received hundreds of applications. Since that time, the School has graduated almost 6,000 students.

Leadership, innovation and growth have characterized the School’s programs and services. West Penn Hospital School of Nursing has the distinction of being the first nursing school in the nation to admit male students. West Penn was also one of the nation’s first nursing schools to receive accreditation from the National League for Nursing.

Dedicated to academic excellence, the School updates its curriculum to include advances in nursing and related fields in order to more thoroughly prepare graduates for their careers.

With guidance, students at West Penn Hospital School of Nursing gain experience in assessing patient needs and in planning and administering patient care. West Penn Hospital of Allegheny Health Network is the primary clinical setting for the School of Nursing. Work and study in this dynamic urban hospital environment of bring students in contact with professionals from a variety of healthcare disciplines and institutions. Other hospitals within Allegheny Health Network and selected agencies in Allegheny County provide opportunities for student enrichment in certain specialty areas. School of Nursing classrooms, learning center, simulation center, student housing , and administrative and faculty offices are located in the School of Nursing building on the campus of West Penn Hospital.


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